Digital Cars Will Drive Uber and Lyft to Acquire Non-Digital Companies

Digital technologies and business models co-evolve. Most recently, sharing economy companies like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, and Instacart have leveraged powerful digital platforms, both public and proprietary, to offer services in innovative ways.

While digital technologies yield many benefits, one intriguing pathway in which they create value is that they allow businesses to achieve substantial improvements in asset efficiency by arranging assets in new configurations. + More

Reinvention at Scale: The Role of Chief Digital Officer at GE

“Predix is our Uber,” said Bill Ruh, CEO of GE Digital and Chief Digital Officer of General Electric. Ruh was speaking of GE’s cloud-based software and analytics platform that supports such business lines as aviation, healthcare, mining, oil and gas, and rail. Predix is to these industries what Uber is to households: a platform for + More

Bigger, faster, and disruptive to the core

On the road to reinventing themselves for the digital age, companies have been incorporating sensors, cameras, social media, data analytics, mobility, and cloud computing to transform their businesses. “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” was a theme of the final panel at the Center for Digital Transformation’s annual conference at The Paul Merage School of Business + More

Managing Through Constant Change

YouTube All Road to Reinvention 2016 Videos “Change is constant in the early days of a start-up,” said Tom Frangione, chief operating officer of Greylock Partners. His venture capital firm backs software companies that transform existing markets or define new ones, as Airbnb and Facebook have. Continual funding of this type of innovation ultimately makes + More

Incumbents strike back

“We are living in an age when the risk to industry leaders is greater than ever before,” wrote Richard Foster in his seminal work on innovation. “Not only will technological discontinuities come with increasing frequency…but during these discontinuities the attackers will have the advantage.” Thirty years later, Foster’s words still ring true. At the Center + More