David Baga
Chief Business Officer, Lyft
Khalid Behairy
Global Leader, Cognitive Solutions Development, IBM Watson
Craig Boundy
CEO, Experian North America
Mic Bowman
Principal Engineer, Intel
John Carnahan
CDO & EVP of Data Science and Engineering, Ticketmaster
Michael Chui
Partner, McKinsey Global Institute
Doug Dooley
Venture Capitalist, Venrock
Martin Giles
Partner, Wing Venture Capital and Senior Industry Fellow, Center for Digital Transformation
Ashley Good
Chief Sales Officer, Arbonne
Vijay Gurbaxani
Founding Director, Center for Digital Transformation
Paddy Hannon
Chief Technology Officer, Edmunds.com
David Karpook
Strategic Business Consultant, Planon Software
Lauren Kelly
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Irvine Company Office Properties
Francis Kendall
Digital Strategy Leader, Roche
Bill Maurer
Dean, School of Social Sciences and Director, Institute for Money, Technology and Financial Inclusion
Mike McNamara
CIO, Target
Julie Merges
Chief People Officer, Edmunds.com
Raj Minhas
VP and Director, Xerox PARC’s Interaction and Analytics Lab
Mark Moore
Assistant General Counsel, Silicon Valley Bank
Tingting Nian
Assistant Professor of Information Systems, The Paul Merage School of Business
Mike O’Brien
Vice President of Corporate and Product Planning, Hyundai Motor America
Eugene Park
Chief Product Officer, Edmunds.com
Andy Policano
Dean’s Leadership Circle Professor, Board Director for Rockwell Collins and Badger Meter
Philip Potloff
Chief Digital Officer, Edmunds.com
Dan Rabinovitsj
COO, Ruckus Wireless Business Unit, Brocade
Basit Sheikh
Vice President, Emerging Technology Group, Capital Group
Willy Shih
Former President, Consumer Digital Business, Kodak and Professor, Harvard Business School
Gregory Spierkel
former CEO of Ingram Micro and Board Director at PACCAR, MGM Resorts International, and Schneider-Electric
Allen Webb
Editor-in-Chief, The McKinsey Quarterly
Jim Wuthrich
President, The Americas and Global Strategy, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment


8:00 am
9:00 am

Digital Transformation: Coming of Age

Businesses must make strategic moves toward the digital future. Now that the digital revolution has been underway for twenty years, it’s important to take stock of where we are and what the future might hold. Executives must continue to spot emerging digital trends, understand how technology will transform industries, and learn how to think like a software company. Yet, as digital technologies become central to the economy and society, executives must also account for their disruptive consequences.

9:30 am

A Moving Target: Staying Focused on the Customer

From big box stores to small footprint to online, Target relies ever more on heavily on digital to deliver the products their customers want where and when they want it. Hear Mike McNamara, Target’s digitally savvy CIO, on transforming an industry icon.

10:05 am

The Digital Playbook: A Survival Guide for Incumbents

What do you do if a disruptor changes the rules of the game? Companies often fail to recognize digital disruption until it is too late. How should executives at incumbent companies evaluate their competitive position, determine the right strategy, and take action?

10:45 am
11:15 am

The Kodak Moment: Why it Didn’t Last

Eastman Kodak is often characterized as a company whose managers didn’t recognize the disruptive impact of digital technology. The true story is far more complex and instructive. Learn from Willy Shih, former President of Kodak’s Consumer Digital Business, what really happened, and why the lessons are still relevant to businesses today.

11:50 am

Digital Capabilities at the Top: Does Your Business Have Them?

As every company becomes a digital company, CEOs must personally take ownership for digital innovation and drive it through the organization. Boards must help guide digital investments, monitor progress toward digital goals, and provide resources and motivation. How can you build these leadership competencies?

12:30 PM
1:15 pm

What the Heck is the Blockchain and Why Should I Care?

Many have heard of Blockchain but few understand how it really works, which is the first step in understanding its transformative potential. Attend this session to learn how Blockchain works and how it is being deployed in novel and surprising ways. How will it impact your business?

1:15 pm

The Promise and Peril of AI: How Will We Design Our Replacements?

AI is already powerful enough to make a difference to human life, enhancing human endeavor by complementing what people can do. However, not all the consequences will be positive. Many workers will be dislocated and autonomous machines may arise with interests that conflict with those of mankind. How do we find a way of capturing the benefits of AI while managing the risks?

2:00 pm

Lyft: Your Ticket to Ride

Few industries are being reinvented as dramatically as transportation. From ridesharing companies to self-driving cars and smart roads, every aspect is being redesigned. Lyft is pursuing an innovative growth strategy, leveraging partnerships with auto makers and employers. Hear Lyft’s Chief Business Officer, David Baga, discuss how a transportation disruptor gains a competitive edge and how they plan to continue to transform the industry.

2:35 PM

CDT Research Insights: The Sharing Economy

2:45 pm

Teaming for Innovation: Digital to the Core

How do you relentlessly enhance your value proposition and continuously evolve your business model? One company’s how-to manual for translating ideas into action.

3:35 pm
4:05 pm
4:10 pm

Internet of Things: Will it Drive the Next Productivity Revolution?

The promised productivity impacts of IoT are arriving slowly and unevenly. It will take common platforms, consistent standards, and sophisticated data management and analytics to achieve the benefits of a connected world. How do we achieve the potential and what should your IoT strategy be?

4:50 PM

Translating Ideas into Action: Next Steps

This session will feature experienced innovators who will reflect on the day’s learnings, identify key takeaways, and suggest ways to prioritize and apply them.


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