João Barros

Founder & CEO, Veniam

João Barros is the Founder and CEO of Veniam Inc., commercializing vehicular communication
technologies. He is the Professor Catedrático (on leave) of Electrical and Computer Engineering
at the University of Porto, Portugal. Barros was also the Founding Director of Instituto de
Telecomunicações in Porto, which grew from 8 to 100 researchers during his six-year tenure. He
regularly teaches at the Porto Business School and serves on the board of Streambolico, a Wi-Fi
multicast company he co-founded.

Dr. Barros has received several awards, including the 2010 IEEE Communications Society Young Researcher Award (EMEA), the 2011 IEEE Communications Society and Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award, the 2012 BES National Innovation Award, the 2013 Building Global Innovators Grand Prize (ISCTE-IUL and MIT) and a best teaching award by the Bavarian State Ministry of Sciences, Research and the Arts. His work has been featured on NPR, BBC, MIT Technology Review, TechCrunch, Fast Company, and The Atlantic, among several other relevant media outlets.

Hit the Road: Getting to Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Auto manufacturers, local governments, and technology providers are driving the future of transportation. To get to the envisioned future, these stakeholders must come together in a cohesive ecosystem. This session will explore how such partnerships can coordinate individual interests and produce a win for all.

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