Nick Tran

Head of Social Media & Brand Culture, Samsung

Nick recently joined Samsung as the Head of Brand Culture where he integrated social media,
influencer, and experiential teams across the passion pillars of entertainment, music, and
sports. Prior to Samsung he was the VP of Marketing at Stance where he helped launch an
award winning campaign with Star Wars, Underwear, and the NBA. Prior to Stance, he worked
as the Head of Digital Advertising and Social Media at Taco Bell Corp.

In 2013, he was included in Social Media Week’s Social 25 which recognizes the top influential individuals in social media. He provided the keynote at VidCon and was a huge early advocate for collaboration between brands and YouTubers. Some of his favorite projects to date include the first-ever
Snapchat film, The Taco Bell Social Media Blackout, The Burner Phone Breakfast Campaign, and
the airlifting of a Taco Bell taco truck into the middle of Bethel, Alaska to serve Doritos Locos
Tacos to the entire town. During his time at Taco Bell, the brand became AdAge’s Marketers of
the Year, AdWeek’s Hottest Digital Brand, and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Brands in
Advertising and Marketing.

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