Oren Goldschmidt (March 19, 2015)

CTO, Frost Data Capital

Oren is a visionary technologist with over fifteen years’ experience in designing and implementing disruptive technologies.

He has previously been a Chief Technology Officer at a number successful technology startups including Vielife (later acquired by Cigna) and imagini.net. He was co-founder and managing partner of BlueOrange, a London-based innovation centre focused on developing technical strategy and delivering creative products for a series of innovative ventures in the UK. BlueOrange was founded to act as a complete technology arm for startups and emerging business units, servicing the whole technology lifecycle from the elaboration of the initial idea to the development of a product and support of first customer deployments. In practice, it would often continue to manage and evolve these technologies into profitability and in some cases through to acquisition.

Along with his co-founder, Jack Kriendler, Oren used BlueOrange to develop a distinctive approach to the entire lifecycle of technology innovation, concentrating on ways to drive rapid technical innovation and precisely targeted execution while keeping the products tightly coupled with the uniquely uncertain process of defining and executing disruptive business ideas.

After a number of successful exits for BlueOrange companies Oren was able to achieve a long-held goal, returning to academia to earn his doctorate at the University of Oxford; he also holds three Masters’ degrees from the University of Cambridge

11:30 am Launching Your Vision: Making the Business Case for Digital (March 19, 2015)

As incumbent companies reinvent themselves, many are challenged by the size and risk of the digital investments they need to make. This panel will examine how to value digital initiatives, the challenges of investing in old and new technologies simultaneously, and dealing with analyst/stockholder scrutiny.

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