Oren Goldschmidt

President, Pivotus Ventures

Oren Goldschmidt is the President at Pivotus Ventures which brings financial institutions from
different geographies together to create technologies that transform tradition banking business
models. He is a founder and business leader with 20 years of experience building technology
companies and developing new models for innovation.

Previously, Mr. Goldschmidt was a General Partner and Chief Strategy and Technology Officer
at Frost Data Capital, a venture fund and incubator based in California. He enabled large-scale
corporate innovation and transformation by working with industry giants like GE to seed, build,
and operate over 20 new startups in big data, healthcare and IoT. He was also the founder and
managing partner at BlueOrange, a London- based incubator focused on developing innovative
technology strategies and disruptive products for a series of innovation ventures in the UK.

He earned his doctorate at the University of Oxford and holds three Masters’ degrees from the
University of Cambridge.

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