Peter Marx

Advisory Board Member, Office of Extraordinary Innovation, Los Angeles Metro

Peter Marx is an Advisory Board Member for the Office of Extraordinary Innovation at the Los Angeles Metro. The Office of Extraordinary Innovation was established to explore new ways to move LA by finding and testing leading-edge ideas that have potential to improve mobility for the people in the region. From public private capital partnerships to cutting edge new technologies, OEI is tasked with identifying, evaluating, developing, and implementing these new approaches.

Mr. Marx is also a board member at the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies and the USC Annenberg Innovation Lab. Peter Marx served as the Chief Technology Officer of the City of Los Angeles from February 2014 to July 2016. In this role he handled technology-related issues across the nation’s second largest city.

Hit the Road: Getting to Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Auto manufacturers, local governments, and technology providers are driving the future of transportation. To get to the envisioned future, these stakeholders must come together in a cohesive ecosystem. This session will explore how such partnerships can coordinate individual interests and produce a win for all.

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