Robert Houlihan

Chief Product Officer, Mercury Insurance

Robert Houlihan is Chief Product Officer at Mercury Insurance with responsibilities for Actuarial, Research and Development, Analytics, Field Product Management as well as oversight of its Warranty and Direct to Consumers groups.

Prior to joining Mercury, Robert held senior positions at a Private Equity insurance carrier and Progressive Insurance.  Before transitioning to insurance, he held senior positions in Financial Services including President of a member company of the Principal Financial Group and Treasurer and Head of Mortgage Trading at Manufacturers Hanover Mortgage Securities.  He holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and an undergraduate degree from Hofstra University.

Hit the Road: Getting to Fully Autonomous Vehicles

Auto manufacturers, local governments, and technology providers are driving the future of transportation. To get to the envisioned future, these stakeholders must come together in a cohesive ecosystem. This session will explore how such partnerships can coordinate individual interests and produce a win for all.

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