Ryan Permeh

Co-founder & Chief Scientist, Cylance

Prior to co-founding Cylance, Ryan was the Chief Scientist at McAfee. He worked with the Office of the
CTO to envision how to protect against the threats of today and tomorrow. In addition, he led innovation
efforts through advanced technology exchange with Intel. Along with Stuart McClure, Ryan built TRACE,
McAfee’s elite security research team.

Ryan has over 15 years of experience in vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and exploitation.
Ryan frequently speaks at well-known security and technology conferences on advanced security topics,
published many blogs and articles and contributed to a litany of books on the subject.

Cybersecurity: Is There Such a Thing?

From denial of service to compromise of proprietary information to protection of physical assets, cyber threats are on the rise. Executives are increasingly focused on cybersecurity. This session will identify how boards and senior executives should assess these risks and develop a proactive strategy to manage them.

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