Sarah Bond

General Manager, Growth Initiatives, Microsoft

Sarah Bond is the General Manager of Growth Initiatives at Microsoft. Ms. Bond is a strategy executive with broad strategy and execution experience across marketing, operations and finance for technology, consumer products, and retail industries.

Previously, Ms. Bond was the Senior Vice President of Development at T-Mobile where she partnered with the CXO team to set and evolve company strategic direction, develop drive and deliver company shaping internal and M&A and partnership initiatives.

Ms. Bond received her BA in Economics at Yale University and executive MBA at Harvard Business School.

Microsoft: Hitting Refresh

Microsoft has experienced significant growth in its market valuation in the last few years, reflecting the success of its transformation under new leadership. Beyond new products and its move to the cloud, it has also evolved into a collaborative player, embracing open source and willing to partner with seeming competitors. Hear Sarah Bond, General Manager of Growth Initiatives for Microsoft, describe where the company is headed, how they managed the shift, and how they plan to win in the future.

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